Calculate the "self explosion account" for each piece of tempered glass
High novelty, High-quality, and Striving for thirty years
The final step in high-quality production of tempered glass
Class A composite insulated fireproof glass production line
Fireproof effect of nanosilicon for 1.0~3.0 hours
Intelligent temperature control multifunctional furnace Beta
Homogeneous EVA laminated nano silicon cured cesium potassium fireproof screen printing baking


Intelligent+Homogenizing Furnace SYGJZ-E3080

Homogeneous maximum glass size


Homogeneous glass thickness


Homogeneous work cycle

Graded convection system
Intelligent flexible temperature control
Hot dip window
Imported furnace insulation layer
Efficient and environmentally friendly fan for imported furnace insulation layer
Autonomous intelligent module
Composite fireproof glass production line 

Raw material preparation

Convenient 、 scalable 、 upgradable

Semi-automatic lamination

Save labor and raw materials

Intelligent aggregation

High production capacity and power saving
Modular, scalable, and scalable
Intelligent module stepless temperature control
Online ratio calibration function
Full section austenitic stainless steel
Device Health Management Module
Direct production of high transparency nanosilicon

About Shinygo

New Idea high originated in 1994, more than 20 years of continuous deep cultivation of glass processing machinery and equipment, committed to become the industry's leading tempered glass homogeneity and fireproof glass production technology manufacturers, with deep technical resources to enable the tempered safety glass cause.

Guarding every piece of tempered glass , delivering safety to millions of families


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Thirty years of companionship, mutual achievement with customers

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