Intelligent+Homogenizing Furnace
The tempered glass homogenization technology of the SHINYGO company originated in Europe. After ten years of iteration and 19 patents, Xinyi High Homogenization Furnace represents the high-end level of tempered glass homogenization equipment in China, and empowers the tempered safety glass industry with deep technical resource capabilities.
fit together perfectly
The seamless integrated whole box structure is paved with imported insulation materials, and the hot dip convection is always controlled within the preset circulation channel of the box, minimizing heat leakage and improving the effective energy conversion rate of homogenization.
Subtle details
Thickened structural steel is used throughout the furnace, supplemented by high-performance fiberboard anchoring. The SHINYGO company custom-built high-efficiency overhead convection fan complements the square array heating system, high temperature resistant circuit, heat-resistant fan, and achieves a high standard of uniformity in every detail.
with high proficiency
The SHINYGO company has developed its own Homogeneous Operating System, which has been continually evolving over the past decade, enabling every customer to become a Homogeneous Specialist with a master level human computer interaction experience, clean Homogeneous Operating Process, thorough operational safety monitoring, and secure data reporting on cloud.
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