Composite fireproof glass production line
Nano silicon is an insulated composite fireproof glass, which is a new type of hard inorganic transparent fireproof glass. It has advantages such as high strength, high adhesion, high transparency, good stability, strong weather resistance, and good fire resistance. It is a sustainable, stable, green, environmentally friendly, high-quality thermal insulation and fireproof glass. The core of the high-quality nano silicon fireproof adhesive is hard glue, which can prevent smoke and heat, making it the ideal fireproof glass at present.
Full line semi-automatic
Greatly saving labor, it can produce new nano silicon fireproof glass products without investing too much manpower, and innovate the process.
Full section high strength
The entire line is made of austenitic stainless steel, with modular and expandable preparation/assembly support, greatly improving its service life.
Intelligent management
Relying on the SHINYGO company's equipment research and development qualifications, each section of equipment has excellent performance in energy consumption, and the intelligent health management system assists the entire line in high-yield work status.

       Note: The colors, specifications, shapes, and other renderings of our company's various products may differ from the actual product. Please understand in advance.

       All products of our company are based on physical objects.

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